Bereavement services

What is bereavement / Bereavement services?

Bereavement services and the bereavement process are an important part of the end of life journey and your hospice care experience. Bereavement is essentially the grief process, which can be experienced both prior to and after death.

Choice Hospice offers many different approaches to dealing with grief and loss throughout the bereavement process. We have bereavement services that extend up to 13 months past the loss of your loved one. Throughout this time, there will be bereavement staff reaching out to you through phone calls and mailings, as well as the option attend/schedule counseling sessions (both group and individual).

Understanding grief

Each person’s experience and methods of grieving are different and unique. Because of this, we provide many techniques to help you through this time.

Below is a chart for you to understand the 5 essential steps of the grieving process. You can also click the “Grief and Mourning” title below for additional written information about the topic.